Thoughts on Oscar Pistorius

If what is currently alleged by South African police is true, that Pistorius deliberately killed his girlfriend in a rage, then he has become a sort of real-life Othello. A man who, despite obvious set-backs and prejudice, has proven himself more than worthy of being held in equal esteem to the men (soldiers/competitors) around him; but who privately feels very easily threatened, or gives in to feelings of fear, anger, jealousy too easily. And like Desdemona, it is the woman in his life who pays the ultimate price for this. I want to believe in Pistorius’ innocence, or at least that there was some sort of misunderstanding involved. But nonetheless the parallels are tragic.


Author: Antonia Reed

I am a passionate writer and reader of fiction, especially children's and YA. I am also delighted to have recently joined the wonderful team at Book on a Tree as Editor and Copywriter. I am fluent in English and German and have a good understanding of Italian and French. I am also an #actor, companies including Alibi Channel, and

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