A recording of me reading the beginning of a story I am working on, called ‘Homecoming’. An estranged brother and sister meet after several years of barely speaking. Cultural clashes and family secrets are in the offing… http://www.writershub.co.uk/audio-piece.php?pc=2471

Recorded at the last installment of the wonderful Hubbub, courtesy of Rebecca Rouillard and her team. Find more at http://www.writershub.co.uk/


Author: Antonia Reed

I am a passionate writer and reader of fiction, especially children's and YA. I am also delighted to have recently joined the wonderful team at Book on a Tree as Editor and Copywriter. I am fluent in English and German and have a good understanding of Italian and French. I am also an #actor, companies including Alibi Channel, www.polarcreate.com and www.whitecityproductions.co.uk.

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