Gigola! So Hard to Forget

Two heads up on perhaps lesser-known LBGT/lesbian movies, courtesy of Violet Femme Magazine

Violet Femme

So this weekend I watched a slew of foreign films (well two, but they were really long)

The first was Gigola


Trigger warning: Sexual Violence.

Set in the early 60’s in Paris, the films main protagonist is Gigola. Gigola falls in love with her headmistresses, a sexy older lady with a sharp bob who teaches her all about lady loving and butches her up with a terrible haircut.

After the sexy mentor/headmistress commits suicide, Gigola leaves her medical studies to become a Gigolo on the queer scene and an all-round unsavoury character.

This hasn’t got much of a coherent plot and Gigola is a pretty unlikeable protagonist, there are some scenes of sexual violence which felt more gratuitious than sexy.

I found it difficult to root for a main character so sadistic and self-serving; I like my protagonists likeable or at least redeemable, but that’s just me.

The film is…

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