A New Project Begins

Since October I have been working on a new short film project for Ewa Habdas of White City Productions. Our working title is Fair, and the script will be in its final form in spring 2016.

The original premise: what would the Evil Queen in Snow White really be like, if the story were told from her point of view and not Snow White’s? Has she perhaps been misunderstood? What pressures and fears led her to behave the way she did in the story? And what would happen if we set this in contemporary Britain?

We have swapped the magical forest for contemporary London, the castle for the Royal Ballet, and the speaking mirror for a room full of mirrors and an over-concerned mother who seems to speak for them. The theme is really the same. A middle-aged woman must make a choice, to fight or to risk being forgotten, in a world where a woman’s looks and fertility are still scrutinized and judged as the single most important elements of her person. But for what she fights, that you will have to wait and see…

When Ewa commissioned me for this project, my first step was to distill what its root message or purpose was. What do we want to say or have achieved by the end of this story? And, using at least some of the elements of her original idea, what is the absolute best way of getting that across? One beat-sheet and conversation later, and a lot of the original building blocks were dismissed and new ones brought in, the characters and narrative arc changed significantly. An almost entirely new story was born, but framed around the central concerns of the original.


The writing and re-writing continue. Now where did I put my mirror…


Author: Antonia Reed

I am a passionate writer and reader of fiction, especially children's and YA. I am also delighted to have recently joined the wonderful team at Book on a Tree as Editor and Copywriter. I am fluent in English and German and have a good understanding of Italian and French. I am also an #actor, companies including Alibi Channel, www.polarcreate.com and www.whitecityproductions.co.uk.

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