‘Framed’ for Alibi Channel

I had great fun playing a police officer for @UKTV and @mink_ette in their interactive Facebook hidden room game Framed. Live to the internet, earpieces and two separate voices talking us through the story, anything could happen. No pressure!

I’m pleased to say the viewers solved the mystery in time, so I got to smile as well as handcuff the guy at the end mwah ha ha. If you want to have a go at solving the clues before the audience did, or see me in a uniform, visit https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=alibi%20framed and have some fun!

Thanks to Mink for letting me come play, and to James Curtis and Alli Zionts for putting us in touch.

Officer Reed.



Author: Antonia Reed

I am a passionate writer and reader of fiction, especially children's and YA. I am also delighted to have recently joined the wonderful team at Book on a Tree as Editor and Copywriter. I am fluent in English and German and have a good understanding of Italian and French. I am also an #actor, companies including Alibi Channel, www.polarcreate.com and www.whitecityproductions.co.uk.

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