An Introduction to Copywriting

I recently had a great time being guest lecturer at the University of East London, giving second year students an Introduction to Copywriting. My presentation took them through the basics of what a typical job entails, explained what I understand as the science of storytelling in advertising, and gave what career development and general advice I could. The second half of the lecture involved textual analysis and theoretical discussion, after which I got the students to workshop their own ‘adverts’. We analysed them as a class, discussing what was effective and what could be improved upon. A great bunch of students, I wish the class of 2018 all the best. Thanks especially to Ravinder Basra for giving me this wonderful opportunity to teach and give back a bit of the knowledge I’ve gained over the past year, and to Simon Miles for ensuring everything went smoothly on the day! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!instagramcapture_bd62d7a5-92e0-4dfd-b1c1-fb24eb090eb51


Author: Antonia Reed

I am a passionate writer and reader of fiction, especially children's and YA. I am English Editor at Book on a Tree, helping to write and develop an amazing range of projects including comic books scripts, books for adults and children, online games and TV pitches and IPs. I am fluent in English and German, and can also translate from Italian to English.

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