Tough Love and Cake Puns: the Not-So Sweet Story of a Sugar Baby

I am delighted to plug the podcast of my dear friend and multi-talented writer, singer and journalist Sara-Mae Tuson.

As part of the explorative Fable Gazers team, Sara has created the unique and intriguing podcast, The Sugar Baby Confessionals. This story offers the rare and privileged view of a candid account of her friend Ruby’s journey into and through sugar-babydom, from initial motives, through its highs and lows, to the one-year-later wrap-up.

Not sure what a Sugar Baby is? A Sugar Daddy or Momma? What about hotwiving or compersion? Well, sounds like you could expand your education in the language of love…

Don’t, however, be fooled into thinking this is a shallow kiss-and-tell story. Guided by Sara’s thoughtful and considerate moderation, Ruby and sugar baby friend Madeleine’s stories unfold through conversations with the host, accompanied in later episodes by guest experts and other podcasters. Themes include sex work and politics, women’s rights and the law. Refreshingly, the commentators include women who have actually been sex workers.

Through the framework of (primarily) Ruby’s life journey over the span of one-to-two years, the Confessionals quickly becomes a deep exploration of sexuality, psychology, romance and loyalty, and of the many things that complicate these aspects of life. There is vicarious adventure in listening to Ruby and Madeleine’s stories, but it is so much more than that.

Expect debates, expect to end up questioning your own opinions, principles and beliefs. Absolutely vital listening.

Proud of you Sara-Mae. Can’t wait to see what you produce next!

Listen on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts, or go straight to the source.


Author: Antonia Reed

Storytelling is the love of my life, and my biggest passions are speculative and YA fiction and experimental podcasts. I have a broad portfolio of skills, both in producing work and helping others refine their own. I have worked diversely as English Editor on books for international storytelling collective Book on a Tree, as scriptwriter and supervisor on comic book projects, copywriter for clients as diverse as HSBC and the European Commission, scripted computer games and helped develop TV pitches and new IPs. I am fluent in English and German, and can also work comfortably with Italian. I am a freelance editor for Reedsy and Bold Books.

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