‘Lydia’ by Cathryn Petit: the Start of a Saga

It was great working as copy editor with Cathryn Petit on ‘Lydia’, the prequel to her developing saga, ‘Sisters of the Silk Veil’. I helped Cathryn sharpen her writing and ensure the diverse parts of the story fit together cohesively.

I highly recommend this short story. It’s empathetic, claustrophobic and gives stark insight into how easy it is to fall into a negative spiral. We follow Lydia as she struggles to look after her young family and the institutional and bureaucratic nets close evermore tightly around her.

This was my second collaboration on the wonderful publishing platform Reedsy. You can find out more about Cathryn and her work at https://www.cathrynlynnpetit.com/ .

Author: Antonia Reed

Storytelling is the love of my life, and my biggest passions are speculative and YA fiction and experimental podcasts. I have a broad portfolio of skills, both in producing work and helping others refine their own. I have worked diversely as English Editor on books for international storytelling collective Book on a Tree, as scriptwriter and supervisor on comic book projects, copywriter for clients as diverse as HSBC and the European Commission, scripted computer games and helped develop TV pitches and new IPs. I am fluent in English and German, and can also work comfortably with Italian. I am a freelance editor for Reedsy and Bold Books.

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