A Video Fit For A Launch

In my work with Book on a Tree and Nucco Brain, I am tasked with a wide variety of different jobs. Some fun, some business-to-business sells, some to help break down complex ideas for the viewer.

ThinkNature has been one of the most rewarding, meaningful projects I have worked on. Not only because we are working with amazing, talented and knowledgeable people all across Europe (and sometimes further) on deliverables as diverse as educational platform-games and explorative interviews, but because ThinkNature is in itself a very special project.

Over the course of its projected three-year span, ThinkNature’s objective is to spread knowledge – and inspire the uptake – of Nature-Based Solutions, or NBS. ‘What are NBS?’ I hear you cry. Funny you should ask…


The public launch of ThinkNature took place at the recent Natured-Based Solutions conference at the University of Tallinn, Estonia. We had the daunting task of creating a video that not only conveyed the central messages of NBS at a level that both experts and lay people could understand, but more importantly, to inspire people to find out more and join the NBS community via ThinkNature’s online platform.


Case Studies have blossom over the past months, and the platform continues to grow.

Stay tuned for another ThinkNature video next year, where we will be looking back at all the amazing work TN has done, as well as looking forward to a brighter, greener future…


A New Adventure with Campari

This was by far one of the most fun pieces of copywriting I have done.

@NuccoBrain studio was assigned by the amazing Campari Group to launch their new product, Koko Kanu, a deliciously clean-tasting coconut flavour rum. Well, at least that’s how I’m told it tasted… By the time I was called to the office the bottle had somehow emptied itself…

This is a stand-out piece from the assignments I have been given because it involved the creation of individual characters and personalities to illustrate the different ways the product could be used. This makes the advert fun and relatable, and gives us creatives a great framework to work with. I hope the future holds more such assignments for me.

Feeling inspired to make delicious summery cocktails? I sure do!

Just remember – drink responsibly!

XQ Cyber Security

Cyber security can be daunting to understand. I helped Nucco Brain studios produce two explainer videos to cut through the jargon.

Our client was XQ, a company that specialises in user-friendly cyber security, useable at any level of organisation or skill level. CyberScore, the primary product being sold, helps companies understand and mitigate against their cyber security risks, and comply with government security standards. We provided one video geared towards compliance, the other towards insurance, two of the most likely uses for the service.

My job was to remind potential users how crucial it is, in an ever-changing technology landscape, to keep protection up-to-date, but conversely, how simple and user-friendly a service such as CyberScore can be. It was also great fun to learn lots of new terms along the way. Although, ‘penetration-testing’ is never not going to bring a smirk to my face…

The Future of Healthcare?

What if we could cure dementia or cancer with a single pill?

Imagine a future where your own clothing can monitor your health, where robots help treat you in hospital and AI in labs designs custom-made treatment for you based on your unique DNA.

This video for Innovate UK was great fun to research and write. Animation by the amazing team at Nucco Brain Studios.

China’s Belt & Road Initiative

I loved writing this script for HSBC. The Belt & Road Initiative (or BRI) is so visionary, and I can’t help feeling a tingle of romance about the idea of a vast transport network that traces vast trails across the globe by rail and sea. Could this be Silk Road 2.0? I hope you find it as inspiring to watch as I did to write about.

Visuals and vision from the ever-inspiring minds at Nucco Brain Studios.

A Glimpse of the Future

This piece for @innovateuk   was great fun to write. An interesting topic because it’s likely to trigger strong reactions, whether ‘hell yeah’ or ‘oh shit’ depending on how much you trust the tech involved… Visuals, music and vision from the ever-amazing team at @NuccoBrain.