Manufacturing of the Future

Another fun project for Innovate UK and Nucco Brain studios:

Factoring and manufacturing of the future – eco-efficient utopia or pipedream?

Click for some beautiful visuals and thought-provoking concepts…


The Future of Healthcare?

What if we could cure dementia or cancer with a single pill?

Imagine a future where your own clothing can monitor your health, where robots help treat you in hospital and AI in labs designs custom-made treatment for you based on your unique DNA.

This video for Innovate UK was great fun to research and write. Animation by the amazing team at Nucco Brain Studios.

A Glimpse of the Future

This piece for @innovateuk   was great fun to write. An interesting topic because it’s likely to trigger strong reactions, whether ‘hell yeah’ or ‘oh shit’ depending on how much you trust the tech involved… Visuals, music and vision from the ever-amazing team at @NuccoBrain.